Technobeans proudly partner with greytHR, a cloud-based HR and payroll software solution that provides a suite of modules to help organizations manage their HR operations efficiently. We offer implementation and training.


greytHR - A Comprehensive Solution for
Managing HR and Payroll Operation

The various modules of greytHR provide a range of benefits such as increased efficiency, accuracy, and compliance with labour laws

What are the benefits
of greytHR?

greytHR software offers several benefits to organizations, including simplified processing, improved performance management, streamlined processes, and precision in payroll processing. These advantages can help organizations save time, reduce errors, and improve HR and payroll operations.


Processing is Simple

greytHR simplifies HR and payroll processes by automating routine tasks such as attendance tracking, leave management, and payroll processing. This reduces errors, saves time, and enables HR teams to focus on more strategic tasks.


Management of Performance

The software provides tools for performance management, including goal setting, performance reviews, and feedback. This enables managers to track employee progress, identify areas for improvement, and provide support and guidance as needed.


Process Improvements

greytHR allows organizations to streamline their HR processes, reducing manual interventions and improving process efficiencies. It provides real-time insights into HR and payroll data, allowing managers to make informed decisions and optimize operations.



The software offers precision in payroll processing, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and reducing the risk of errors. It provides accurate calculations of taxes, deductions, and reimbursements, ensuring employees receive the correct compensation.

HR Chores Made Easier
and Faster

It offers productivity tools for better people management, simpler HR processes, and professional delivery of HR services leading to better employee engagement and all-around time savings.

Features of GreytHR

Core HR and Onboarding software
Employee lifecycle management
Leave & Attendance management
Payroll management and REST API
HR Compliance & Document management
HR Reports and Analytics and mobile app

Technobeans & greytHR -
A Springboard to Simplify HR

Technobeans provide impeccable implementation and unparalleled training of greytHR, a well-regarded comprehensive and efficient HR management software.


Technobeans has an experienced team of industry specialists who are well versed in the flawless implementation of greytHR software for small, medium and large scale companies while strictly adhering to the policies of KSA.

Complete Customer

At Technobeans, we believe in providing the best possible service to every client and are ever ready to assist and support the company and staff in relation to any queries and technical aid whenever needed with perfection.

Guidance for HR &
Payroll Execs

The adept team of Technobeans leave no stone unturned to constantly upgrade their knowledge and find tremendous pleasure in sharing our in-depth know-how with the staff and experts from our client organizations.

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